This blog will allow readers to share my thoughts as well as my experiences as I enter law school this Fall.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

I HATE CONTRACTS. I HATE CONTRACTS. I HATE CONTRACTS. Sorry, I had to get that out. Wow i havn't been on here in a long long long time. School is comming along okay. I took my one of my midterms and i think i did okay, but we'll soon see. Contracts is tomorrow, and as stated before I HATE CONTRACTS. My live has totally become law. My studygroup and I try to go out to eat and stuff also, but all we end up talking about is law. I can't get away from it. It's even been to the point where i'm waking up and the first thing i'm thinking about is "offer, counter offer, acceptance, option contracts, blah blah blah" besides that fact that all of my prof's are strictly socratic professors

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

I'm so tired of people. Not people in general, but those who always say that they are going to do something but yet it never happens. That has been happening to me alot lately. It is now to the point that when someone says they are going to do somethin, I just laugh as if they were telling a joke. It gets SO annoying to continue to hear folks say somethin, and yet never follow through. I really need to vent but I rather not on here because my choice of words many not be the kindest.

As far as law school goes, i'm just waiting for next Friday to roll around. I'm ready to get out of here. Brb, gotta go blowmy nose, .. worst of all I CAUGHT A FUKKIN COLD

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Well everyone, I have finally received my schedule. It goes as follows:
Course Professor Day/Time
Torts I Palmer M 11-2
Crim Law Bretz W 11-2
Contracts I Stockmeyer F 11-2
Intro to Law Buttrey W 6-8

If any of you all know about any of these professors, please give me a heads up. It will be appreciated. Along with my schedule, came a hand book. Within the had book had the policies, honor code, orientation info, assignments due at orientation, and first week assignments. Although it would be nice to finish off the rest of my summer vacation doing nothing, I don't think that that is going to happen.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

Hi Everybody,

I'm happy because everything has went as planned. My couches came yesterday around 12 or 1. I am getting more and more excited about making the big move. Along with that excitement comes nervousness. Some people, from the online Intro to Law course, have received their schedules because they were sent out on the 1st. I live in DC so mine should here maybe on Tuesday. All and all, I can't wait to set up my new place. I think I have everything. My mom told me to stop ordering stuff (I think she is scared that I am going to buy the things that she wants to get me).

Oh yea, my family decided to stay in Lansing an extra night. We figured that would be too much work to drive up on friday. Do all of the moving in and setting up on saturday and then they leave sunday morning. That is a lot.

Something else has just popped in my mine. I usually type different ideas as they pop in my head, that is why there is really no standard flow. I do, however, type much better when I am at school or when I really need to, this is more of a relaxed hobby. Anyway back to the idea:

I think I am seeing a difference between how I felt about college and how I feel about starting law school. In college I was just worried about passing but yet I got pretty good grades, mostly A's and B's. But lawschool, the pressure is really on because everyone is waiting to hear how things go during school. I REALLY have to learn the material in lawschool, whereas in undergrad I just studied the night before. What I am doing now is directly related to my career, this has really added pressure. Besides that, it's expensive as hell, I can't go, and then get kicked out or anything because school is on my dime and it is not cheap. That is just a little added pressure that I have now that I didn't have in undergrad. Maybe it will go away once i start school, we shall see. :-\ By The Way 19 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 01, 2003

Hello Everyone,
Cooley told me the other day that they will be sending out our schedules today. I'm in DC so I should receive my schedule sometime next week. I think i'm only taking 9 credits each term on during the first year due to financial reasons. Besides, that will give me more time to focus on the classes i'm taking. If i continue to do 9 credits each term for the 3 terms then i should be finished still in 3 years (well 3 years and a extra term) I'll be 24 turning 25 when i graduate and i'm 21 now, so that will still be pretty good. As of now, I have not received any feedback from the case brief that I submitted, i wonder how long it takes them to respond. It's only been a week so that's not too bad.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Yaaaayy.. I just paid the balance on my couch and my loveseat. They should be delivered to my house on saturday around 11. I'm getting excited because everything is comming together and i'm starting to see the things that i've been paying for. Although i'm trying to pay off my credit card debt before school starts. Luckly it's only $585, i've heard of people who has much worse. I just sent my credit card company 200 and I will pay the rest off soon. I'm so happy righ tnow :-D

Monday, July 28, 2003

Good Afternoon Everyone, today holds another prospective obsticle *spellcheck. I sent off my 1st month rent payment last week. I purchased a tracking number so I know when it was received by the leasing office. They received it on Thursday. Today I call and they said it hasn't been posted but they have a stack of mail there. The way my luck usually goes, my payment won't be in that stack and then it will grow into a big problem of where is my 560 dollars.

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